Shein Shopping Guide

If you love a good deal, you’ve probably heard of Shein. You’ve also probably wondered if it’s a scam. The prices are just too good, right?

Don’t expect to hop on Shein for 5 minutes, pick some good-looking items, and then check out. If you do that, there’s an 83% chance you won’t be satisfied when your “happy mail” arrives.

You know how The Dollar Tree has those happy meal toys that you could probably get for free elsewhere, but they also have toilet bowl cleaner that you know for a fact is $3 at Walmart? (You end up walking out with both, because it was easier than having a throw down with your toddler.) At the end of the day, I guess it all evens out and The Dollar Tree makes a profit. That’s how I think of Shein.

My experience is that it’s “hit or miss,” so I compiled this guide to ensure that you have more hits than misses! 👏🏼

Here are my 4 steps to make sure you get the toilet bowl cleaner: 😉

1) Measurements are your friend. (Side note: I don’t know why it took me so long to do this, but take a day to get ALL of your measurements & save them in a “note” on your phone. This has made my life so much easier!)

2) If the product picture isn’t on a human/model, don’t risk it. I’m gonna be honest, this could easily be a baby shirt parading itself as a full-grown tee.

 3) Reviews are your BEST friend. I can’t emphasize this enough. No matter how cute it is, if there aren’t any reviews—proceed with caution. I’m not talking “awesome product”/ “real good”/“satisfied”/“love it” reviews. I’m talking about the reviews that sound more like a human than a robot.

4) Find reviews with customer pictures. Not everyone’s “it fit perfect” means the same thing. If you find pictures, you’ll know what I mean. Some people prefer maxi skirts that flow and some people prefer maxi skirts that show (everything). Just wait…you’ll see!

PROMO CODES: Before you check out, check google. There are usually Shein promo codes floating around for an extra discount to use on top of whatever special Shein has running at the time.

 SHIPPING: So far, I have no complaints about shipping. My last purchase arrived 8 days after I ordered, which is pretty incredible considering it came from overseas! 👏🏼

SHEIN POINTS: Also, if you want to be a super human, review your products after you get them to help out the next person. Or just do it, because you get Shein points. You get extra Shein points if you add pictures! (DO IT! 🎉) Every 100 Shein Points= $1 to use toward a future purchase. 

CUSTOMER SERVICE: I have no experience with their customer service, but that’s the way I like it. I’ve heard mixed reviews. My advice is to follow the guide above so that you hopefully don’t have to have any experience with them either! 

I’ll be sharing my most recent Shein haul with y’all soon! It’s a good one! Be sure to subscribe to my page with your email address, ensuring that you’ll be in the first group of people to be notified each time that I post!

Have you shopped Shein? If you have, how was your experience? Do you have any extra tips to share? If you haven’t, I hope this little guide gives you the confidence to give it a shot! Check It out! ☺️

Happy Shopping,


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