Knot Your Average Etsy Shop

I recently got a new macrame purse from The Boho Knot, and I just had to share it with y’all. When I received this purse, I was shocked by the thickness and durability of it. I knew it would be good quality, but it really just blew my mind! It’s the perfect size for carrying around your essentials. It’s one of those things where you have to see it in person to really know how great it is, but I tried to capture it in pictures the best I could! 🌿

The Boho Knot is the cutest Etsy shop filled with all things fiber! They have so many handmade products: macrame wall hangings, plant hangers, table runners, earrings, headbands, keychains, purses, & more. 🌿

Ashleigh is the creator behind The Boho Knot. I’ve known Ashleigh for most of her life, and let me just tell y’all…everyone who knows her knows that she’s the boho queen. |P.s. She is also an amazing makeup artist.| She’s so creative and incredibly talented. She will take your ideas and run with them, creating the most beautiful pieces! 🌿

It’s absolutely worth your time to check out The Boho Knot. Supporting small business is even more fun when it means you get products made by hand with love by someone who truly loves what she does!

Happy Shopping!

➕ Katie ➕

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