When Modesty Matters (AKA Always)

Let me introduce you to Juniper Breeze! This is the newest Impression SportSkirt from Mod Sportswear. It has me longing for summertime and a trip to the beach! 🍋

Juniper Breeze is so vibrant with splashes of blue, seafoam green, & even a little bit of yellow! These skirts are comfy, and they dry super fast. They have zippered pockets. They also have built-in shorts. They’re just a little bit shorter than the length of the skirt. This makes them perfect for working out, swimming, playing your favorite sport, shopping, hanging out around the house…you name it.

I also realized that I forgot to wear my wedding ring for this photoshoot, so this is my little disclaimer letting y’all know I’m still very much in love with my hubby 😉

I have been very impressed with the Impression SportSkirt line, because they are thick without being too heavy. I see a lot of sportskirts that are see-through, and I feel like that kind of defeats the purpose. Right? 🤷🏼‍♀️ These skirts are available in tall (27”) and regular (24”) lengths. I got the tall for a little extra length! 👏🏼

Of course I’ve got a discount code for y’all! Use code HAPPYHEMLINES10 for $10 off at Mod Sportswear (expires 3/13/19)! That’s a crazy good deal, y’all!!

Shop My Look:

Happy Shopping,

➕ Katie ➕

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