Your One Stop Shop for Modest Layering

There’s a good chance that most of you have heard of Peekaboo-Chic. There’s also a pretty good chance that you know them for their skirt extenders. They DO have super cute skirt extenders—even adorable patterned ones unlike any I’ve seen anywhere else! I, however, recently discovered their layering tops, and that’s what I want to tell y’all about! 👏🏼

I hesitate to promote undershirts usually, because I feel like they’re all the same & they’re not exactly what most people want to be shopping for. HOWEVER, when I received these shirts in the mail, I was SOLD. I love them SO much! Why? Because they AREN’T the same as all other undershirts, they’re super cute, AND they check all of the boxes for us modest girls. ✔️

I know that you know how frustrating it is to have to constantly pull your undershirt down through your jumper to keep it from bulking up and showing allll the lines. Both of these shirts that I got are half-shirts. This means that they are perfect to wear under jumpers or other shirts. Bulkiness is the least of your worries! They are also both reversible—yes, reversible!! One side is a v-neck and the other is a scoop neck. How cool is that?! They are both fitted and have elastic bands around the top which keep them from flopping open when you lean over. They also have an elastic band around the bottom (right below the chest), which keeps them super snug and in place. 👌🏼

The shirt above is the Criss Cross Shimmy Shirt. It is black with a cute criss-cross design on the sleeves. It’s made of a super soft stretchy material, and it’s also available in ivory. The Black Check Headwrap that I’m wearing in these pictures is also from Peekaboo-Chic. I absolutely love it! It’s tight enough to keep your hair in place, but it’s not so tight that it feels like it’s about to pop off your head at any moment! It also comes in a lot of other cute colors and patterns! 🎉

The second shirt is the Long Sleeve Shimmy Shirt. Y’all know by now that I LOVE a good boho vibe, and boy, does this shirt deliver?! The one that I’m wearing here is cream colored, but it’s also available in white. Like the other top, it’s soft and stretchy. It has a cute lace design & buttons on the sleeves. Love love love this undershirt! 🌿

Go check out Peekaboo-Chic for all of your layering & accessory needs! They have tons of skirt extenders, layering dresses, headbands, boot socks, and many more layering shirt options!

Shop the First Outfit:

Shop the Second Outfit:

Happy Shopping!

➕ Katie ➕

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