Wynsum Wardrobe

I have had the opportunity to work with a fabulous company, and I want to tell y’all all about it. Wynsumis an online shop full of gorgeous farmhouse dresses. The Australian designer was frustrated when she couldn’t find sun dresses that provided enough coverage, so she decided to design her own dress line. Each dress is full of symbolism , designed with love, and guaranteed to have you feeling beautiful. Although their dresses are designed in Australia, they do have stock in the US.

This first dress is the Sheray. I love the pastels and the double ruffle design along the hem. It also has a ruffle design on the sleeves and a functioning drawstring waist. It is covered in the protea flower and the purple iris, symbolizing transformation and hope. This dress had me feeling fabulous as soon as I put it on!

The second dress they sent me is the Nadene. This dress is covered in ripe pears, which symbolizes abundance. I love the color scheme of this dress. It also has a ruffle design on the sleeves and a functioning drawstring waist.

I was going to pick a favorite, but I’m not sure that I can. The Nadene has my favorite color scheme, but I just really love the double ruffle design on the hem of the Sheray. Which one is your fave?

Go check out all of their fabulous dresses, and let me know what you think! Keep in mind that the sizing is a little different, so you will probably need to refer to the size chart. I’m normally a small and am wearing an XXS in these dresses. Oh, and guess what? Wynsum is giving my followers a crazy good promo code! Use code Katie30 for 30% off your purchase!

Shop My First Outfit:

Shop My Second Outfit:

Happy Shopping!


4 thoughts on “Wynsum Wardrobe

  1. I love the second one because the print is so gorgeous! And the first photo looks like something off a magazine! I like how the blue in the walls echoes the blue tones in the print. You are just getting so profesh, girl! 😉 Kudos to your photographer!
    God bless!

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