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I was recently accepted into the RewardStyle program. Yay!! 🎉 As excited as I am to be a part of it, I know that it’s especially important that my followers understand how it works. I’m going to dedicate this blog post to explaining how RewardStyle works from the shopper’s perspective. On Instagram, the program is referred to as You’ve probably seen it around, but does it all seem super confusing to you? That was me 2 weeks ago 🙈

Basically, RewardStyle is a program that allows influencers to earn a small commission on the products that they advertise. You basically shop just like you would normally shop, but you’re supporting me by shopping through my link.

So, the first thing you need to do is download the free app. Once you have the app, it’s fairly easy. From there you basically just pick which way you’d like to shop. When I post a picture to my Instagram with a symbol in the bottom corner and a link in the caption, you will know that the picture contains links to shoppable products. You can screenshot the picture, and and it will be saved in your favorites. Then you simply open your app, click the picture, and shop it! You will see the linked products listed in icons beneath the picture.

An even easier way to shop my pictures (and also be super supportive 😘) is to search for “Happy Hemlines” under “Influencer Search” in your App. Once you find my name, follow me. Then you will have easy access to all of my shoppable pictures from now on! Go ahead, do it!! 😬

Not all retailers are partnered with If a certain product in one of my pictures isn’t linked, that’s usually why. However, I will try to link as many similar products as possible!

RewardStyle has been a learning curve for me, but I really think that is one of the easiest ways to shop once you understand how it works!

Did this post help you understand the program better? Were you already using Do you like the program? Let me know in the comments below!

And as always, thanks to each of my sweet followers who have made all of this possible. I am so grateful for your support. Each follow, “like,” and comment means more than you know! ❤️

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Happy Shopping!

➕Katie ➕

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