What You’ve Been Asking About Baby #2

How have you been feeling?

Let me preface this by saying that I’m a wimp about most thing and have a pretty low pain tolerance—so take from that what you will. 🤪Anyway, with AJ I was pretty sick most all hours of the day—at least until the second trimester hit. I was on nausea meds, though, and they actually helped a lot. They mostly curbed the vomiting, but the nausea still lingered. This time, I haven’t thrown up at all—except for one—eh, close call. However, the nausea seems a whole lot worse this time. I am most nauseated in the evenings. I’m on a different kind of nausea med this time- which makes the nausea less severe, for sure. It’s long-lasting, meaning that I only take it once in the evenings and it gradually releases medication over the next 24 hours. HOWEVER, one of the main ingredients in the medication is a sleep aid. This means that for 24 hours a day, a sleep aid is slowly being released into my system. What I’m trying to say is—I’ve been a zombie. 🤣 But it’s nice being a less-nauseated zombie, so I pick my battles. I ended up with preeclampsia with AJ, so the end was pretty rough too. I was induced about 2 1/2 weeks before his due date. This time, my doctor’s taking extra precautions in hopes of an uncomplicated pregnancy, so we’re hoping and praying for the best! 💕

Do y’all want a boy or a girl?

Well, of course I would like to have a girl, BUT I also think the idea of two little boys is sweet too. However, I have pretty much convinced myself that I’m having a boy—I think mostly because I know deep down it would be so fun to have a girl, so I’m prepping myself for the opposite to happen just in case. 🤪 Matt says it doesn’t matter to him either way. AJ says he wants a “baby boy— a sister.” I think he’s a little confused. Ha! And I know lots of people just say “as long as it’s healthy,” but I guess I’m not the biggest fan of that saying. I have a lot of friends who have had babies that have a lot of health problems. And I know they love their babies just as much as I love mine. So yes, we are absolutely praying for a healthy baby, but at the end of the day, we’re gonna love this baby no matter what. 💕

How did you tell everyone?

We went to a birthday party for Matt’s dad and his grandmother, and that’s when we told his family. We changed AJ into a shirt that said “promoted to big brother & digging it” (tractor shirt). 🚜 Matt’s brother’s family was in from Texas, so it was exciting to have them there! The next day, my side of the family had a birthday party for my little niece + me. I opened a ‘gift from Matt’ that was a tshirt that said “It’s not a food baby.” (Funny, because I am the queen of food babies 🤪) My sister’s family was in from Indiana, so that was really cool too. Both sides of our families were really excited, of course! We invited our church family over one night last week for the national championship game. Most of them hadn’t been to our new house yet. We took everyone on a tour, and the last room on the tour was the “baby’s room”—where the crib was filled with balloons with a sign above it that said “hooray” & ultrasound pictures on the wall. It was a lot of fun, and I think everyone was extra surprised!

How’s AJ taking it?

At first, we didn’t tell him much (because we were scared he would tell the world). He just kept mentioning my “big belly.” 🤪 He said there was a firetruck in there—no clue where he got that from. I was miserably sick the first few weeks, and most days we would have breakfast in bed. And occasionally, we stayed in bed all day long. He would bring all his toys in my room and play beside me. He’d say “your tummy hurt, AGAIN?” & “you’re going to the doctor, AGAIN?” with the saddest little look on his little face. ❤️ He went with me to my first appointment and as soon as the ultrasound came up on the screen he said “WOWWWW.” The doctor said “there’s the baby,” and AJ said “BABY?!!” It was the sweetest thing. So we started asking if he wanted a baby to come live with us and where he thought a baby would sleep, etc. He actually didn’t spill the beans to anyone who didn’t already know—he blurted it out once, but I think I covered it pretty well. He told Matt’s mom one day (she already knew at this point)— “MAMA’S HAVING A BABY, GIGI,” and it was one of my favorite things. The other day when I was pushing him in the buggy at Michaels, he said “Your tummy’s not too big, mommy.” What I’m trying to say is—he’s the sweetest. Hopefully it’ll stay that way in about 6 months. 🤪

What are you craving?

Give me allllll the fruit and allllll the smoothies. But I only want the smoothies with the juice and not the smoothies with the milk. I’m loving cold stuff. I’ve been eating a lot of peanut butter—either with apples or on crackers. Right now I’m not a fan of anything cooked or anything that smells. So my options are pretty limited (ha) but I do what I can. With AJ, I craved orange juice all the time—same story this time. I can drain a bottle of orange juice realllll quick. I still try to cook most nights, but I try to cook something that’s quick and painless so I can smell it the least amount of time possible. Then I usually just let the boys eat it & discreetly hold my nose while I eat some fruit. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

I think that about covers it for the questions! If you have any others, let me know in the comments below. I hope to keep y’all updated on the blog. I’m also thinking of posting AJ’s birth story (since he was pre-blog), just because I’ll probably be posting his little sibling’s birth story. I mean, I doubt AJ will grow up and say “Why don’t you have a blog post about my birth?!” but who knows 🤪

Love Always,


2 thoughts on “What You’ve Been Asking About Baby #2

  1. Katie, this is such a sweet post! I am so happy for you and I’m sure AJ will be an awesome big brother. He’s such a sweet boy already! Funny story: I’m the oldest in my family, and when my sister (18 months younger) came home from the hospital, I was NOT impressed. She stole the limelight and all Mom and Dad’s attention! About a week after she came home, I asked Mom, “So when are we taking the baby back to the hospital?” She said we weren’t… that Paryse was staying. My face fell and I looked horrified. LOL! Thankfully, I got over it and now we’re the best of friends! 🙂
    God bless!

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